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Mariana Nuñez

Fabiana del Castillo; she is petite and curvy with thick blonde hair and a tantalizing appeal. She resembles a 1920’s Hollywood star in all her grandiosity. Her charm and style have all the men wrapped around her fingers. 

“Her father was ‘El Don’ of Spanish Gypsies in Sevilla! She was his darling up until they banned her from the community when she fell in love with a moroccan. She survived by spreading Gypsy knowledge and performing tarot readings in popular metro stations across European capitals. She has no “Pelos en la lengua.” It means she says what’s on her mind”.


Mariana is a tall, exotic, voluptuous woman in her 30’s with eyes like silver lightning. She is the leader of several protest groups. 


"She is smart, a lonesome fighter and a true survivor”. She is the oldest of five orphaned siblings. She had a tough life in the hoods of Panama, also a victim of human trafficking.  Three years after running away she captured her kidnappers but the police set them free right away!”



Adriana Patiño, Bolivia. A glamorous, alluring woman in her late twenties. She is Adriana, a carefree, sexy and bubbly, rich daddy’s girl. 

“I.Q. 145... She was recruited by NASA at the age of 12. Heir to "The Andean Rockefeller", Simon Patiño. A real prodigy... She dropped out of Harvard for a Millionaire with exotic taste!


Alejandra Alonzo, a provocative bombshell in her early thirties. Her unique sex appeal matches her doll-like figure.

“She was Argentina’s Presidents’ advisor and right hand. Then came to be an ‘actress’ seven years ago. She dated a couple “big shot” producers but... it didn’t work out.”


Ninja Turtles
Sex and the City
Charlie's Angels
Created by
Carla Ortiz & Reynaldo Pacheco



The Ninja Turtles are incarnated in four women aka The Cleaners. Super secret agents that will embark on hilarious missions to keep our world safe. 

Saving the World has never been so funny and sexy!



The Show follows a group of comedic investigators who work for the Super Secret Agent crime lab “The Cleaners”. The series is a compilation of hilarious missions of sexy, funny and brave women from different races and parts of the world. Every mission will bring awareness of a social subject through comedic storytelling and entertaining situations.


The team is led by “Oscar”, a veteran justice officer that lost his position because of his good ethics. He rebuilds his personal life while supervising his team. He is organized, efficient, dedicated, and very proper in his management style. Oscar’s partners are Ryan, Edmund, and Master Bernard. Ryan is the technical genius that accompanies the Cleaners as a hologram. Edmund is the inventor of the advanced weapons and devices for their missions. Master Bernard, the Ninja expert, trains the girls in the martial arts. All of them together will become the dream team behind The Cleaners.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: I certify that the content received in this presentation package, which will be evaluated in consideration of the recipient, it may contain confidential information legally protected from its disclosure. I legally undertake to every precaution in order to avoid the disclosing to third parties of the information received, unless required to do so by law. The confidential treatment will be limited to the information supplied. However, there is no obligation for the recipient in cases in which: (i) it is or becomes a matter of public knowledge through no fault of the Recipient; and/or (ii) if is mandatory to provide the information in cases as the injunction or required by the law. Only with the authorization of Discloser, the information will be disclosed to those people connected with the parties that would need to know it, and which will be obligated to maintain the confidentiality nature of such information.  

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